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Explore our tea brewing guide for useful tips on how to steep your tea. Learn how to practice Adjourning intetnionally.

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4471 Nicole Drive, Lanham, MD 20706


Adjourn Studio is our creative wellness space. Here we honor our creative process by curating + hand blending high quality, unique, organic tea blends. 


*Please note: We are only open select Saturdays each month. We are not open daily.


a simple, sustainable investment of time

In a world where we prioritize hustle culture + moving fast, we know how important it is to pause the noise + busyness of our daily lives to give back a few moments to ourselves. Tea making + sipping is an amazing way to prioritize this practice, from observing and smelling our blends, to creating + sipping the perfect cup of tea. Our blends are luxurious, aromatic, creative + nurturing, begging you to pause if even for a few minutes at a time. This practice is a simple, sustainable investment of our time + to the overall wellness of our community.


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