Love Liberates

Love Liberates


Love Liberates is a floral, rooting + nourishing bouquet for your mind, body and soul. It's inspired by the beautiful words + thoughts of the late Dr. Maya Angelou as she spoke about the passing of her grandmother during an episode of Oprah's Masterclass in 2011.  Her words would find me again shortly after my mother passed in 2014 offering comfort and a sense of ease. Here is an excerpt from this conversation that speaks to the power + liberating force of love:



“Love liberates, It doesn't just hold- that's just ego. Love liberates. It doesn't bind. Love says, 'I love you. I love you if you're in China. I love you if you're across town. I love you if you're in Harlem. I love you. I would like to be near you. I'd like to have you arms around me. I'd like to hear your voice in my ear. But that's not possible now, so I love you. Go.”


Love Liberates features raspberry leaf, red clover blossoms, ashwagandha, hibiscus flower, mullein, stevia leaf, lavender, holy basil, pink and red rose petals, and jasmine petals. 


Quantity: approximately 15-18 servings of tea depending on personal use. 

color: Classic Glossy Black

Quantity: 1-2 tsp. per 8 oz of water

Brew: 212° (below boiling; water has tiny bubbles) 

Steep: 2-3 mins 

Amazing as an Iced Tea!  

Can infuse tea mutiple times.

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