Kinfolk is a refreshing, bright melody of peppermint, spearmint, ginger and black tea. Kinfolk is inspired by my memories of sun tea with mint in the summer! The fresh mint is balanced by aromatic sage, spicy ginger and ceylon sonata, a medium bodied black tea with notes of peach and honey. Kinfolk takes me home!


I was also inspired by the life and history of John Dabney, a Richmond restauranteur, bar tender and caterer. Dabney spent 41 years of his life enslaved, eventually purchasing his own and his wife's freedom with tips he earned as a celebrated bartender and chef. He later owned a flourishing restaurant and was known for exquisite menus and the highly praised "Hail Storm" Mint Julep - a blend of crushed ice, fresh mint, sugar, brandy and fresh fruit. Kinfolk makes an AMAZING base for Dabney's "Hail Storm"!


More on John Dabney

Recipe for the "Hail Storm" Mint Julep


Each tin holds approximately 15-18 servings of tea depending on personal use. 

Quantity: 1-2 tsp. per 8 oz of water

Brew: 212° (boiling water)

Steep: 3-4 mins or longer to intensify flavors

Enjoy this blend with your favorite nut milk; add the froth! 

Can infuse tea mutiple times.

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