Crown Me

Crown Me


Crown Me is inspired by the majesty, color, smells + tea of Morocco. It's our version of the classic Moroccan mint. We've expertly blended high quality gunpowder green tea, fresh spearmint, peppermint with peppery marjoram. We've added saffron and dried raspberry to brighten this blend with floral + tart notes. 


Crown Me is the first of our Wanderlust collection, a curation of blends harnessing our love + lust for seeing more of this beautiful planet. 


Quantity: approximately 15-18 servings of tea depending on personal use.

Quantity: 1-2 tsp. per 8 oz of water

Brew: 165° (below boiling; water has tiny bubbles) 

Steep: 2-3 mins 

Amazing as an Iced Tea!  

Can infuse tea mutiple times.

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