Be Here

Be Here


Be Here is your reason to stay present! Be Here is a gorgeous, soothing blend of oolong + jasmine green tea.  It features sugared papaya, lemongrass + ginger. The oolong used in this blend is scented with real coconut. This blend also contains floral saffron, one of the world's most expensive spices!  Saffron adds color + brings out the jasmine flavor in this blend...a definite upgrade. And, she's already sweet so, you may not need sugar ;-).


Each sip of this blend will take you back to your favorite beach walking through a fragrant, tropical garden sipping fresh coconut water + munching on papaya chunks. You deserve this! Thank me later :-)


Contains sugar + caffeine.


Each tin holds approximately 15-18 servings of tea depending on personal use. 

Quantity: 1-2 tsp. per 8 oz of water

Brew: 185-195° 

Steep: 2-3 mins (4 mins to intensify taste).  

Can infuse tea mutiple times.

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