Afro Blue

Afro Blue


**Due to a shortage in cardamom and shipping delays for blue butterfly pea flowers, we are temporarily raising the price for Afro Blue to account for extra costs in producing this blend.**


Afro Blue is not your typical chai... It's a beautiful blend of white peony tea, lemongrass and warming chai spices.  Blue butterfly pea flowers bring in refreshing and nutty notes, along with anthocyanin, an amazing antioxidant. It's leaves produce an all natural rich blue pigment; add lemon or lime and watch your tea transform into purple before your eyes!  This blend is both light & warm, spicy & refreshing, moody & bright.  Afro Blue is the perfect blend after a long day.  Throw on your favorite record, sip, and vibe!


Quantity: approximately 15-18 servings of tea depending on personal use. 

Quantity: 1-2 tsp. per 8 oz of water

Brew: 180° (below boiling; water has tiny bubbles) 

Steep: 3-4 mins or longer to intensify chai spices 

Enjoy this blend with your favorite nut milk; add the froth! 

Can infuse tea mutiple times.

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