• LaTonia, Founder

Tea, Mugs, and Memories

We all have things that trigger memories of special and significant moments. Sometimes it's a song, a smell, or the way something feels that touches your soul. For me, I have a few treasured pieces that take me back to moments I wished would have never ended. One of these items is a mug given to me my mom from one of her favorite spots in Richmond, Virginia, Kuba Kuba.

Kuba Kuba is an amazing Cuba restaurant and bodega in "The Fan" district (if you've never been, check it out!). My mom, sister and I loved to grab lunch there...the food is BOMB. One of our last visits was towards the end of my mothers fight with breast cancer. She made sure to buy my sister and I these incredible, heavy duty mugs...she was always keen on commemorating special moments.

I often use my Kuba Kuba mug to reconnect with those memories of lunch with my mom. Adding to my mug an aromatic and warming blend of lavender, chai spices - ginger, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, fennel and cardamom - and vanilla helped me to truly breathe in this memory and move forward with an amazing day. I poured a teaspoon of local honey to add a bit of sweetness and quietly paused to savor the memory of my amazing mother.

Fam, this is adjourning. We at Adjourn Tea House believe that pausing should happen often, if not daily. Take a moment this week to reconnect with a memory, think about a ritual you can infuse into your daily routine, or incorporating the space to pause.

First, fill your cup.

-Peace and love, y'all!