• LaTonia, Founder

Sleepytime, Unfurling and Me

Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm LaTonia, self-proclaimed lover, wife, sister, dreamer, creator, teacher, and tea enthusiast. I am also the owner and tea blender Adjourn Tea House and so excited about sharing my journey and love for tea with all of you!

For me, it all began with comfy mugs of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea. This was my first experience with tea. I remember how soothing it was when my mom brought me a mug of this tea, usually to help me relax, for stomach aches, when I had a cold, or just to enjoy by her side because she loved it, too! I loved the smell of what I know now to be chamomile. I loved the warmth of the mug in my hand. I felt special, like I was somehow a part of some secret club with other people who drank Sleepytime. I can remember sharing this experience with my sister, while watching TV or whatever we did as kids. It was dope!

I remember ripping my bag apart when I was done drinking to look at the leaves wondering what they were and why they tasted so good. I still love to look at my tea after steeping, which is why I enjoy using a open mug tea infuser. I want to know and touch what I am drinking (see photo). I want to see those dried tea leaves, roots, fruits, and herbs unfurled...open.

To me, this ritual is a simple reminder that unfurling, though difficult, is natural and necessary. Unfurling gives you flavor and breadth. It's necessary to grow and welcomes so many opportunities and blessings. There would be no tea drinking without boiling water, tightly dried ingredients, steeping, and, unfurling...