THE ART OF pause

how to brew + explore your adjourning practice

tea brewing guide

  • Add 1 -2 scoops of your favorite tea blend to an infuser, tea bag or tea maker.

  • Using the guide below, select the type of tea you are sipping and heat your water accordingly. 

  • Allow your water to sit a 30 seconds to 1 minute before pouring it into your mug.

  • Slowly pour your hot water to your mug and add your tea + sweetener.

  • Allow your tea to steep according to the guide below.

  • Taste your tea to see if it steeped to your satisfaction.

(MAY) Monthly Tea Menu - 2022 (2).png

find pause | find peace | feel flow

how to adjourn

Set the vibe with music + heat you water according to the guide above.

vibe with adjourn on spotify

Grab your tea, your favorite mug + what you'll use for steeping your tea.

Explore your blend by smelling + playing with the ingredients.

pause to hear the water boil

Take your spoon and be sure to give your blend a good stir.

Add 1 to 1 1/2 tsp of tea to your infuser, tea filter or teapot.

Slowly pour your water over your tea.

feel the steam kiss your hand

Steep your tea according to the guide above. Drop your shoulders + breathe.

Add sweetener or, none at all.

pause + enjoy your first sip

Allow yourself the time + space to pause; don't rush sipping this blend. Truly Adjourn.

the rest can wait