p a u s e

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p a u s e.


I've learned this as a part of my own journey. Eventually, my body will shut down if I'm not creating pause intentionally. I'll get a cold, a migraine, aches, pains, mood swings... My body knows when I'm not caring for myself. Which is why I'm so grateful we're pausing together as a collective.

My daily practice today will include reading, rest, meditating and dreaming...even if i can only allow a few minutes of each.

Each time I practice any of the above, I try to truly allow myself to sink in and drift a bit. I love the brevity of floating in my mind and bringing myself back. I love letting it take me away...pause.

T O D A Y'S  A C T I O N

Spend a few mins in meditation + wandering through gratitude while you pause.

Allow yourself to wander through feelings + gratitude. Today, allow yourself to read, meditate,

rest, dream & float a bit without limitation.


It doesn’t cost anything to let your mind play.

S U G G E S T E D  B L E N D

T H O U G H T S ?

Pause. Text me (833-406-1344) or reply to this EMAIL a few things that you noticed today while pausing.

You can also tell me how today went for you by sharing on social media using the hashtag #PausedChallenge

S E E  Y O U  T O M O R R O W.