d i s c e r n m e n t

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Discerning + Prioritizing.

Discernment = allowing my gut + spiritual guidance to lead. I know when I don’t know. Period! When I listen to and trust myself, I make the best decisions. This is a gift.

Prioritization = actively deciding who + what is worth my time and energy. That includes who + what I spend my precious ‘thought energy’ on as well. You know...rehearsing cuss outs and emails? Lol. I do it, too. For me, this is wasted energy! I’m reclaiming my time 🖤

Today I will prioritize daydreaming, reading short stories, loving on my folx and will be filled with what my heart knows actually matters.


T O D A Y'S  A C T I O N

Discern by being present, choosing to feel through each circumstance and recognize what's around you.

Give yourself the gift of full, deep breathes for 10 minutes while you pause.

Breathe intentionally so that it becomes a habit.

 Think of challenge you need clarity on and allow minutes of discernment. 

S U G G E S T E D  B L E N D

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T H O U G H T S ?

Discernment. Text me (833-406-1344) or reply to this EMAIL a few things that you noticed today while pausing.

You can also tell me how today went for you by sharing on social media using the hashtag #PausedChallenge

S E E  Y O U  T O M O R R O W.