Find pause. 
Find peace.
Feel flow.

paused by adjourn teahouse.

A space where we welcome the freedom and feel of flow + energy while Adjourning with a cup of tea. Let's get together and share how we Adjourn, Pause, and Center because #TheRestCanWait

"When the world is moving too fast and things become heavy, pause. 

The rest can wait. Adjourn with me."

what's inside the paused community? 

p a u s e d 

...the Luxe tea blend



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p a u s e d 

a 5 day challenge to Adjourn...

I'm LaTonia. As a self-proclaimed tea lover, I began crafting a vision for a small tea and wellness brand as a teen in Richmond, VA more than 15 years ago.  Tea drinking was a major part of my upbringing.  Growing up, we routinely enjoy warmed apple juice, sleepytime tea, and the occasional hot toddy.  I am also from the south where sun teas and iced teas are huge on hot summer days.  My parents, rest their souls, led me to pursue the idea of starting a tea and candle shop as a high schooler in a business planning competition and I have been a tea lover/blender/drinker/maker ever since.  


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