Uncommon Solutions

We are partnering with an amazing black-owned wellness company in Maryland as their exclusive CBD tea curator and blender. We work closely with Uncommon Solutions to combine their calming CBD flower with bespoke hand-blended teas resulting in absolute bliss. Our blends are aromatic, flavorful and non-psychoactive! 

Uncommon Solutions is a company that believes in the power of whole families to support and restore the village, cultivating wealth and success in our community. 

They are committed to social responsibility, combining Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) with relatable and comfortable therapeutic approaches to create optimal health in people of color. 

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Sounds and Sips Vol 1

Lovenloops x Adjourn is a very special collaboration between Adjourn Teahouse and scholar artist Blair aka Lovenloops, my younger sister.  Entitled Bev Lives On is a beat/sound project celebrating the birth of our beloved mother, Beverly Boyd Smith, who transitioned from breast cancer in 2014.  This sound project includes meditative loops that we were able to share with our mother in the flesh and a special bonus track featuring her voice. We celebrate the wedding anniversary of our beloved mother and our father, Clarence Smith, who also passed from a rare blood cancer in 2004. We celebrate the launch of Adjourn Teahouse and we celebrate Lovenloops on her post doc and completing her Ph.D from Syracuse University.


With so much loss, it's been important for us to carve out time to explore our creativity, to focus on what's in front of us, and the memories we have with our beautiful parents.  We ALWAYS brew pots of Adjourn tea and cradle ourselves in the warmth of memories.  This collaboration is our ode to space, time and memory.