a d j o u r n  

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Today’s only goal. 🖤 I sipped the most amazing cup of tea this morning. And, here are my intentions... Today, I will find space to truly Adjourn - pausing intentionally to welcome breath and stillness....Today, I will find + center peace and love. It exists around and through me.



Today, I welcome the freedom and feel of flow + energy. I am worthy. And this comes from my belief in collective care; the belief that your squad and the care you nurture together matters. While self-care is important, I have found so much love and such a reprieve from having tea with my sister-friends, hiking with my ace, spending the night and staying up listening to music, crying over FaceTime with my sister. That fellowship is irreplaceable. Our collective care keeps me. #adjournwithme

T O D A Y'S  A C T I O N

Feel in the blank ______ + a d j o u r n

How are you ADJOURNING today? How will you *pause* the noise around you for a moment to rest & nourish yourself?

That's your action for today - pause and adjourn. Spend 10 minutes today of uninterrupted YOU time.

Here are some ideas:

- Netflix + Adjourn
- dance + Adjourn (caution...hot tea)
- chat with your bff + Adjourn
- cuddle + Adjourn
- read + Adjourn
- shop + Adjourn
- brunch + Adjourn

For me, I basically, made a bomb cup of Adjourn tea + recorded this video + danced!

S U G G E S T E D  B L E N D

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T H O U G H T S ?

Happy adjourning. Text me (833-406-1344) or reply to this EMAIL a few things that you noticed today while pausing.

You can also tell me how today went for you by sharing on social media using the hashtag #PausedChallenge

S E E  Y O U  T O M O R R O W.