pausing intentionally to recenter + return to jubilation


meet latonia

founder  |  wellness creative  |  tea blender

As a self-proclaimed tea lover, I began crafting a vision for a small tea and wellness brand as a teen in Richmond, VA more than 15 years ago.  Tea drinking was a major part of my upbringing.  Growing up, we routinely enjoy warmed apple juice, sleepytime tea, and the occasional hot toddy.  I am also from a community where sun teas + iced teas are LOVE on hot summer days.

In 2014, I lost my dear mother to breast cancer almost 10 years after losing my father to cancer as well. While difficult, their lives inspired me to move forward in designing a life + career I loved. I want my time to be well spent. My parents, rest their souls, led me to pursue the idea of starting a tea and candle shop as a high schooler in a business planning competition and I have been a tea lover/blender/drinker/maker ever since. 

I have had the incredible fortune of watching hundreds of students bloom in previous career as an educator. They continue to inspire that lens through which I see my role as a wellness creative + business owner. I look forward to sharing my creative practices with you, love!


adjourning is a required state of surrender for recentering + balance

About adjourn

centering freedom | luxury | play | rest | sustainability

Adjourn Teahouse is an artisanal loose leaf tea company specializing in organic, hand crafted, full leaf tea blends. Our blends are luxurious, creative + nurturing begging our customers to pause if even for a few minutes at a time. This practice is a simple, sustainable investment of our time + to the overall wellness of our community.

At Adjourn, we believe in creating moments to recenter and balance our whole selves through rituals that allow us to
Adjourn- the practice of pausing intentionally.